Guiding Principles

The RSLs goal is to promote true “outdoor” play indoors. Our League play will mimic outdoor play with a “no walls” environment, 40′ ceiling height, and pro level turf.

  • A player must not use equipment or wear anything which is dangerous to himself or another player (including any kind of jewelry)
  • Jersey, shorts, shin guards, and footwear as defined under Law 4 of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) Laws of the Game will apply.
  • Pre-game meetings must be in the spectator areas, not on the fields.
  • Parents and spectators are not allowed on the field at any time.
  • Teams are to leave the field of play immediately following their games.
  • Teams may choose either bench.
  • Home team must change in to an alternate jersey should there be a conflict or request by the referee to do so.
  • Slide tackling is not permitted.
  • Offside calls will be at the 18 for ALL levels with exception of the U8 and U9 Divisions.
  • No punting is allowed in any of the Age Groups. If ball is bounced by keeper it must bounce twice.
  • 5 yard spacing for the U11’s on down.  8 yard spacing for the U12’s on up.
  • If the ball hits the ceiling play will stop and ball will be awarded to the opposing team as an indirect kick at the spot of contact.
  • All players must be registered with their state organization and valid player cards must be present at all games or a copy of their birth certificate.
  • All players must complete an RSL waiver form.
  • If a team cannot make a game they must notify the RSL staff 4 days prior to the scheduled game. If a notification is not given or the 4 day requirement is not met then the game will be an automatic forfeit.  Games will not be rescheduled.
  • Please check the schedule regularly to ensure no changes have been made.
  • For the U8’s and U9’s there are no intentional headers, for the athletes safety, protecting them against head injuries and concussions. An indirect free kick will be awarded to the other team at the spot of the header.
  • Mercy Rule: No more than a 5 goal deficit will be recognized. When 1 Team is up by 5 goals we will stop adding goals to the scoreboard in the interest of sportsmanship.  The leading team should consider working on other aspects of their game.  The RSL will do all in its power to ensure competitive games, each year, in an effort to limit the need to enforce this Rule.
  • An extra player may be added when a team is down by 5 goals for the U14’s and down.
  • Substitutions are as follows:
  1. U8 – U11, on the fly from the center line
  2. U12 – U19, upon restart possession from the center line through referee approval


U8 – U11 can have up to 15 players on their roster but may only have 12 present on game day

U12 – U19 can have up to 18 players on their roster but may only have 15 present on game day


U8 – U11 will play 7 v 7 (inclusive of keeper)

U12 – U19 will play 9 v 9 (inclusive of keeper) 

Game Length

45 minute games- running clock

*Your game will start immediately upon the conclusion of the previous game. The game clock will reset to 45 minutes and begin to run. Teams are expected to be on the field and ready to play. Please note that there will be no break for a half time.
*Teams must leave the field as soon as their game concludes so that games can stay on schedule.


Win = 3 Points, Tie = 1 Point, Loss = 0 Points

Tie Breakers

In the event that there be a tie in the Standings the following will be the deciding factors. Head to Head, then Goal Differential (GF) then Goals Against (GA), then Goals For (GF), .  A no show or forfeit = 0 points awarded to the team that forfeits and 3 points are awarded to the team who showed up with 1 Goal For (GF) awarded. 


Yellow cards and Red cards will be given out at the discretion of the referees.

Should a player OR coach get a red card, he will be eliminated from the game and not allowed to play/participate in the following game.  As well, a $100 fine will have to be paid to the RSL prior to allowing the player/coach to re-enter into the League.

All RED card fines must be paid prior to the beginning of the next game; otherwise the entire team will NOT be allowed to play. 

Roma Soccer League reserves the right to expel anyone who uses vulgar or abusive language.  This includes racial, ethnic, or religious comments. As well, fighting will not be tolerated.  This behavior is intolerable and could result in a multigame suspension and/or permanent expulsion from the Roma Soccer League. Roma Soccer League also reserves the right to expel a player, parent, or coach from League play for gross violations of the laws of the game, the House Rules, or damage to facility property.

Please enjoy the games but keep in mind its all for the kids to enjoy and have fun.