Game Format: Two 18 minute halves running clock. Clock will stop for the last minute of each half.

Overtime: OT will be 1 minute long. If still tied after 1 minute, it will be sudden death with the first point      deciding the winner. 45 second time out before OT.

Running Clock: Clock will continue to run when a team is leading by 20 points in the 2nd half.

Half-time: Half-time is three minutes but may be changed by referees/ tournament director.

Time Outs: Two timeouts per game (45 seconds).  No timeouts in OT.

Warm-up between games:  Minimum 2 minute warm-up will be provided, 3-5 minutes if games are running on time. If games fall behind schedule ROMA Site Manager or official may adjust warm-up time accordingly.

Pressing: Pressing is not allowed by teams with a 15 point lead and there will be NO PRESSING at the 3rd or 4th Grade Level.

Late/Forfeit: If any team is not present and ready to play at the designated time or five minutes after the conclusion of the previous game, they shall forfeit the game.  Exceptions will be handled case by case.  A team may play with 4 players if necessary.

Mixed Grade Divisions:  If a team is playing against older grade, they will play using the higher grade rules.

Scorebook and Clock Volunteers: Each team must supply one person (adult) to keep the official scorebook or run the game clock each game. Coaches must enter their roster in official score book with name and number before each game.

Basketball Size: Boys 4th & 5th grade and all girls divisions will use a 28.5” ball. All others will use regulation size (29.5”).

Fouls: Bonus on (7th) team foul each half. Double bonus at 10 fouls. Two (2) technical fouls on a coach or a player in one game will result in immediate ejection and suspension from next game.  A player with 5 fouls is disqualified.

Technical Fouls: Technical fouls result in automatic two points (no free throws) and possession of the ball.

Behavior: Coaches are responsible for their players and fans. Site directors and facility management have the authority to eject any coach, player, or fan that conducts themselves in any unsportsmanlike manner, and to disqualify a team from further tournament activity if necessary. Any ejected coach/player must leave the gym and will be suspended for the next scheduled game. Profanity will not be tolerated. Unsportsmanlike conduct, breaking tournament rules, or falsifying data will result in ejection from the tournament without refund.

Players play for one team: Players may only play on one team, per grade level, during a tournament.

Grade Requirements: Players are only eligible to play at their grade level or higher. Players attempting to play in a lower grade level will not be tolerated.

Admission Fees: Daily admission fee is $6.00 per adult, children 5 and under are free, and families of 4+ are $20.00 (Immediate family only).  ALL attendees except 5 or under must wear wrist band for entry.

Coaches Free: Two coaches per team will be allowed with no admission fee. All coaches are required to sign in AND must wear wristband for entry.