Have you been wanting to play futsal or train in the sport but cannot find a suitable facility in the greater Chicagoland area to develop your skills? Roma Sports Club is proud to offer plenty of space where you can drill, practice and play games with your friends or team!

Whether you are a newcomer to futsal or already have some experience with this sport, we invite you to come and check out our top-notch facilities. Futsal is a variant of futebal (the Portuguese term for soccer) that you play in a five-sided court. The name futsal comes from the “fut” in futebal and “sal” from the Spanish word for room (sala). People have been enjoying this fun sport since its origin in Uruguay in 1930.

Facts About Futsal

  • Futsal is a new variant of football
  • You play the game with 5 people on a team, one of whom is a goalkeeper
  • Is played on an indoor court and can be played on basketball court
  • The game allows for unlimited substitutions,
  • There is an emphasis on improvisation and ball handling which many athletes find quite appealing
  • Our brand new futsal courts are made of Grade 1 wood (the highest grade) and have no walls or boards
  • Our sporting complex provides you with a fun and safe environment to work on your skills and develop camaraderie with your team or friends.

If you’d like to get started playing and training in Futsal, please contact Roma Sports Club to find court availability, as well as the schedule of futsal camps and clinics and leagues.