Whether you play your sport recreationally or competitively the quality of your practice will determine the quality of your performance.

Our Desso Turf field is the top graded artificial turf used by organizations such as the Denver Broncos and many European professional soccer teams; like FC Barcelona. Desso turf is made of skin friendly materials, and the shock absorbent layer under the turf makes for less wear and tear on your joints during practice or competitive play.

The other major benefit of using Desso turf is that it’s designed to let you use your cleats, for the absolute top performance in your sport.

Field Size Matters

Roma Sports Club’s field is 50 x 70 yards, perfect for practicing and game play. If you’re looking to rent space for yourself or your team, feel free to contact us and a member of our professional staff will be happy to assist you. Or you can simply visit our Rentals page and book online today. See you on the field!