Basketball Geek Youth Sports Management recognizes that the platform of amateur basketball is wide and competitive. We understand that the needs of each student-athlete are unique. We strive to meet the goals of our student-athletes and their families by providing custom services that accommodate our diverse clientele. Basketball Geek Youth Sports Management is here to tailor our services to assist basketball players from youth to professional. 
Our year-round basketball player development program is highly sought after for its unconventional, yet engaging approach to teaching, guiding student-athletes through college planning and career readiness. We inspires by educating–conveying realistic experiences that can be applied to everyday life. We have gained a reputation for leadership and a tireless work ethic, skills employed on and off the court to transform and lead right as a lifestyle. Our clients range from student-athletes, community to professional sports organizations fulfilling our childhood dreams in professional sports management services. 
Basketball Geek Club
Player Development Training
Duration: August 24th – September 30th 
Days: Monday & Wednesday
Time: 3:30-5:00p