Now Play Your Favorite Sport Year Round!

Anyone who plays baseball knows that the key to success is for teams to practice as often and as hard as they can. Without regular workouts, practice and training, your team will not function at the optimal level. In order to remain competitive and as physically fit as possible, baseball teams have to be diligent about finding an appropriate place to play. Unfortunately, inclement weather in the greater Chicagoland area can make it difficult to get in all the practice that you need.

This is why you will want take advantage of this unique chance for baseball teams to hone their skills throughout the year by using our fields. Our modern, state-of-the art indoor sports complex is designed to help your team reach its full potential, stay in shape and improve your skills. We also have plenty of space for individuals to work on their game.

Benefits of Playing Baseball at Roma Sports Club

  • Our full size fields allow for a variety of both infield and outfield practices
  • We can adjust the bases as needed up to 90 feet, based on the players’ age and team requirements.
  • You can use our fields as one large field, or split them into smaller areas for drills and fielding practice.
  • Yes, we allow you to wear cleats! Now you can get as close to playing outside as possible while still being out of the harsh elements.

Individual Training

Each player has a different skill set that needs to be worked on beyond practicing with his or her fellow teammates. You can use our facilities for individual or group training and to improve your standing in your team.

  • We are proud to offer three, 65-foot batting cages.
  • The batting cages are perfect for hitting, pitching, and skill development work in those areas.

It’s important to develop and hone your skills throughout the year. Now you can book time at our sports complex for both teams and individuals, simply contact us today for availability or visit our Rentals page to book your space online