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Located 1/2 mile East of Center Rd
Off Laraway Rd
Set back on South side of Laraway


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Roma Futbol Club (Roma FC)

Roma Futbol Club

Roma Futbol Club  (Roma FC) was founded in 2008 by Steve J. Rotondi as a way of passing his love of soccer on to his sons and their friends. A lifelong fan of soccer, Steve has played in clubs and leagues for over 20 years, and has coached for over 13 years. He saw that his love of the sport brought not only health and enjoyment, but bonds and relationships that create close lifelong friends. The teamwork learned as part of this sport creates discipline, dedication and excellence both here and in other parts of life essential to both health and success. Passion becomes its own fuel when applied in both sports and life. It was these gifts he wanted others to realize and develop for themselves.

Over the years, Roma Futbol Club has grown into a Premier Soccer Club, ranging from U8 to U18 of both boys and girls teams. “I have established Roma FC into an extremely professional and organized club”, Says Steve.   “Within our offerings no detail is too small.  From our coaching staff, to our equipment, our campus and our training philosophy, we strive for excellence in all.” 

The growth at Roma FC has been organic.  Roma FC is not a club that regularly  holds open  tryouts and then takes on all participants.. We have waiting lists and we do not institute a new team until we ensure we have a coach that meets our requirements and then we proceed with adding the team.. As well, as growth occurs within a team and they move on to a higher age level and then add more players on the field, we pull from our wait lists, hold a small tryout and add accordingly.  

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"It all starts with our 19 licensed coaches.  Yes, every single coach is licensed at the “E” level or higher.  To further that, all coaches receive an annual background check and obtain skills in concussion evaluations.  All of our Coaches are top notch individuals that have all played the game, some still do to this day, are very knowledgeable, and they're focused on player development as well as team development.  I want a Coach that does it for the passion of the game and for the satisfaction of the development he/she sees in the players. I know from experience that the satisfaction, enjoyment and gratification I have received from Coaching is absolutely priceless..”

As well, Roma has a player to coach ratio that is unmatched in this sector.  With 1-2 coaches for every team of 10-15 players, the attention to detail and development of each participant is very strong.  With this, the teams and coaches stay together, year after year.. This way they can grow together and pick up where they left off at the end of each session.  This also helps build cohesion and bonds amongst the teams and coaches.  “Our teams will always practice as a unit, with their coach and without distractions of combining other teams with them and other coaches..   We feel that development is strongest when the unit can work singly and focus on each other and what they are working on…”                            

“We must keep the players challenged and the only way to do this is to push them to reach that next level.   It is not about winning all the time, it’s about development.  My goal is long term.  To develop players that can play at a collegiate level or better, should they chose to, “ Steve says.  

The Club's home is the Roma Sports Club in Frankfort. Roma FC is very fortunate to have an entire campus dedicated to the development of these children.  The Campus is comprised of a 50,000 sq. ft. facility of which includes 31,000 sq. ft. indoor turf area, 7 outdoor fields, Futsal Courts, a Fitness Center and more.  “At Roma Fc we never miss a practice.  If the weather is not cooperating, we simply go indoors.  When the sun goes down earlier in late Oct/early Nov, we simply go indoors.” Steve says.  During the winter, the Club goes indoors for training and for League play as the Roma Sports Club offers its own League, the Roma Soccer League or RSL.  As well, it hosts 3v3 tournaments and Futsal. Another advantage to playing for Roma FC is that they have an SAQ offering to its players. This is Speed, Agility and Quickness training and currently this portion is run by Trent Clark, former MLB trainer with 3 World Series Championship teams.  “The training that Trent offers is amazing, he really is the best of the best in his trade, “ Steve claims.    

“ My goal was simple, to provide a one stop shop for Soccer development.. At Roma FC, everything you need to become a strong soccer player, and a passionate individual is at your fingertips.. Our Club is a Community of families.  I enjoy spending time with all of them." 

We welcome you to explore further by  reaching out to us at Steve@RomaSportsclub.com or 815-469-ROMA.  


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